Bad Costumes 2003

Here is the long-awaited log of bad costumes from DragonCon 2003. Of course, there were many more bad costumes there, and several of them were photographed. But, here is the cream of the crap!

Mr. Originality
"I am so original because I put dirt and shit all over my storm trooper costume.
All the ladies love me because I'm such a trendsetter."

Mr. Originality 2
"I am so original because I put dirt and shit all over my storm trooper costume.
All the ladies love me because I'm such a... Wait a minute... ::sigh:: Shit."

Vampire taking a dump
"I need to take a dump so bad, but I don't want to ruin my nice white outfit.
Never mind the fact that I look like a butch dyke version of Cruella DeVille."

The sound of desperation: "Hey there, sweet thang!"

What went wrong here?

Fucked up Dawn!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Strung Out on Acid, Just Woke Up,
Slammed Into a Disco Ball and Lost My Tits Dawn!

Stupid Ho
Yes. Yes you have.

OK, you get an A for planning, but an F for execution.

Well at least fuck it. Enjoy.

Ming the Merciless is unstoppable! That is, unless you hit him in the tits or the groin.
Oh, and you might want to keep his construction paper eyebrows and fu-manchu away from open flames.

Dildo with a dildo.
"I am so high now, you would not believe."

Dildo with a dildo 2.
"Check out my new dildo."

Stolen dildo.
"Teehee I stole that guy's real dildo and replaced it with a plaster casting of my uterus!"

Cool by association.
"I wrapped toilet paper all over my head, but if I stand next to this hot chick,
no one will notice because I will be cool by association!"

Sailor poon.
"I just ate three sailor scouts!"

School girl.
"I just ate three school girls!"

The action heroine.
"::sigh:: I knew better than to wear this." Keep your chins up, fair maiden; at least
you had the balls to keep that construction paper and glitter creation on your face all day!

The Little Merwhatthefuck.
"Under the sea. Under the sea. Darling it's better, down where it's wetter - under the sea!"
I don't know if she's wet or not, but I don't think that would make the situation any "better".

Now, this gives a new meaning to the term "shitfaced". It looks like someone was
going to give her a glassbottom boat, but forgot the saran wrap. I guess if she
holds that guy's dildo in front of her face, she might pass for the rogue in the D&D PHB.

This girl couldn't decide if she wanted to be a sailor, a pirate or
a lesbian. I think she successfully pulled off all three.

Samurai jackass.
OK, another F for execution. Seriously, why would you go to all the trouble of finally
making a decent costume only to fuck it up by acting this way? Congratulations, skunk
boy, you're the first 2-time ekajsmash bad costumer. It would've been 3 in a row, but
we didn't have a camera with us back in 2001.

At this time, we would like to remind everyone of three things:

1) To attend DragonCon, you must wear your badge at pretty much all times.
2) The badge clearly indicates that as long as you are wearing it, you are subject to having your picture taken and used for basically any purpose.
3) If you wear a bad costume, we will track you down, find you, take your picture and then post it.


staff out...

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