Plump Faries

Originally discovered at Dragon*Con 2001, these fairies easily weigh up to 250 lbs. making it very difficult for their rather tiny and frail wings to lift them off the ground at all. Our researchers are still pondering the physics behind this one. But, much like the bumblebee whose wings aren't *supposed* to be able to support their weight, they still think they can fly. However, since none of these fairies were actually witnessed in flight, it is theorized that they are more akin to the penguin family whose wings actually serve no aerial purpose at all. In fact, it was observed that some of these fairies do indeed wobble when they walk. If you see this rather large, winged creature barreling toward you (flying or otherwise), we suggest you move.

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A typical food gathering type of Plump Fairy.

This gleeful fairy has undoubtedly just been told the direction to the food court.

Ah...this fairy is about to fall out of her carapace.

All hail the queen of the Plump Fairies! She's hiding her face in this one.

The queen in all her glory.

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