Plump Fairies 2003

The population of Plump Fairies (much like their weight) continues to expand. At DragonCon 2003, we were able to catch a few of these creatures on film. As evidence of their existence, we offer these photos. We believe the first few to be Plump Nymphs, Plump Fairies in training. Once they have passed a few of the Plump Fairy rituals, they will become full blown Plump Fairies and will dine with the largest of the species!

Goth AND Plump!
"It took two men and a horse to lace up my corset!"

Put those away!
"If I show you these can I have a cheeseburger?"

"Have I achieved Plump Fairydom yet?"

Full Blown
This full-blown fairy took 6 men, 2 horses and a goat to lace up her corset.

2nd Runner Up
Second runner up for Plump Fairy Queen: "Maybe I should have smiled."

2nd Runner Up Smiling
Well that didn't help.

Busted Buffet
This Plump Fairy is pissed because she only got to graze
at the buffet for three hours before they kicked her out.

New Plump Fairy Queen!
All hail the new Plump Fairy Queen!
(complete with Plump Ambassador)

At this time, we would like to remind everyone of three things:

1) To attend DragonCon, you must wear your badge at pretty much all times.
2) The badge clearly indicates that as long as you are wearing it, you are subject to having your picture taken and used for basically any purpose.
3) If you wear a bad costume, we will track you down, find you, take your picture and then post it.


staff out...

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