Hats Off

We truly are living in the laziest days of man. Conventions are a time when people like to dress up in costume just to see what kind of reaction they can get. Some of these costumes are very elaborate. Some are homemade and others are store-bought. However, some people do not respect all the money and/or time put into these costumes. Instead, they think that simply by wearing a funny hat or by having weird hair, they are equally well costumed.

This is the classic example of a silly hat.
Although it is silly, it does not qualify as a costume.

I have purple hair!
"I have purple hair!"
Yes, but you're still an assclown.
"But...my hair...it's...purple."

Classic hat loser
Street clothes + funny hat does not equal costume.

That's some pretty damned funky hair, but still not a costume.

Pimp of Morons
OK, you're wearing glasses with the hat. Oh and hold up the necklace to make sure
we can all see it. But guess what, you're still just a guy in a hat...with cheapass
sunglasses and an equally cheap necklace.

King of Morons
Alas, we bow to you, oh great King of Morons.

Just keep on a'smilin'
She's proud to be an ambassador to the plump fairies.
(check out the upcoming 2003 plump fairy page)

At this time, we would like to remind everyone of three things:

1) To attend DragonCon, you must wear your badge at pretty much all times.
2) The badge clearly indicates that as long as you are wearing it, you are subject to having your picture taken and used for basically any purpose.
3) If you wear a bad costume, we will track you down, find you, take your picture and then post it.


staff out...

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