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Sci-fi Conventions
There are so many sci-fi conventions out there that it's hard to keep up with them all. So, first off, here's a link to They have a pretty extensive database of conventions around the globe. However, they are missing several. Here are a few of our favorites:

** denotes ekajsmash / Uber12yearold Inc. staff attendance
?? denotes possible attendance

** MidSouthCon - Memphis, TN (March)

** Con-Stellation - Huntsville, AL (October)

?? Coast Con - Gulfport, MS (April and November)

?? Crescent City Con - New Orleans, LA (August)

?? DreamCon - Jacksonville, FL (June)

?? Origins - Columbus, OH (June)

?? GenCon - Indianapolis, IN (August)

** DragonCon - Atlanta, GA (Labor Day Weekend)

Funny Stuff
Player VS Player - another great comic strip, for those who like video games, giant pandas and trolls.

Penny Arcade - an awesome comic about video games.

The Best Page In The Universe - very funny site - especially the crappy kid art.

You might be a gamer if... - the now legendary list Gamer List

Here's the best game site on the web with hundreds of free online games - Fetchfido Games

Kings of Chaos is also a great way to waste time.

Click on the doughboy for lots of doughy goodness.

A little frustrated? Try burning things. FIRE BAD!!! FIRE BAD!!!

Buy your Anime stuff at EZAnimez or

Jacon looks to be a great anime convention. just freakin' rocks.

Anime Insider is a cool anime magazine.

ekajsmash Supporters
Save Farscape! - Do your part to keep this show on the air!

If you must commit the sin of sniping, do it the right way! Download a free trial of an awesome auction sniping software tool at auction sniper

User Friendly - a great comic strip, especially for those of you with a sense of humor about the workplace.

Cool Stuff
Rotating Dice Samples - this is a great site for anyone who likes D&D + cool graphics Rotating Dice

Industrious Clock - the coolest clock on the net Industrious Clock

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