MidSouthCon 2003

Here are a few pics from MidSouthCon 21. Special thanks to Jolly Blackburn, creator of Knights of the Dinner Table, gaming guru and all around cool guy! He actually signed a book "To Ebay, Steve freakin Jackson!" How cool is that? Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Jolly with an ekajsmash flyer!

Random Anime Chick
Anime Hottie

Quick! We must test the midichlorian level of this taco!
The force is strong with this one.

Cool imperial guard.
Not bad at all.

Darth Vader
Again not bad.

Some extra cloning material must've fell into the vat for this Biker Scout.

Storm Troopers taking a giant bunny rabbit hostage! Uh, Happy Easter?
Where's my damn eggs?

And of course it wouldn't be a convention without the winged ones...

staff out...

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