Battle of the Stars

Since Celebrity Death Match is no more and there hasn't been any celebrity boxing on Fox lately, we have decided to have our own Battle of the Stars! The one thing different about our little battle is that although at first the matches appear to be between similar opponents, this is a tournament! That means the winners of the first round fight meet in later rounds until a champion is crowned. Another aspect of our battle which makes it unique from all the others is that YOU decide the winner! As time passes, your votes will be tabulated and the results will determine who moves on to the next round, and ultimately the champ! So vote early and vote often.

Round 1:

Nick Carter VS Justin Timberlake

Jennifer Lopez VS Britney Spears

Billy Zane VS Vin Diesel

Jim Carrey VS Adam Sandler

Round 2:

Justin Timberlake VS Jennifer Lopez

Vin Diesel VS Adam Sandler

Final Round:

Vin Diesel VS Jennifer Lopez

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