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8/30/02 - 0930: Ekaj sighted!
8/30/02 - 0932: Ekaj photographed...repeatedly
8/30/02 - 0933: Ekaj enraged!

At Dragon*Con 2002, on the first day of the con, our staff witnessed Ekaj in the downstairs gaming area of the Hyatt. We knew this was him as he proudly displayed the tale-tale signs of a "Got Game?" t-shirt and a pair of knit shorts. As this was a rare find indeed, we quickly snapped as many photographs as we could. Since Ekajes are easily addled, this one became quite enraged and actually tracked down one of our researchers and almost killed her!

The next day, we again spotted Ekaj. It was not easy though. To blend in more with all the costumed con-goers, he had donned an eye patch! The only way we were able to recognize him is the fact that...well, hey...he's 6' 6, huge and he was wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT as the day before!

It is theorized that Ekaj returns to DragonCon every year. It is further theorized that he does not actually rent a room in town, instead opting to make his nest in a nearby dumpster or dark corner. This would explain the lack of a large wardrobe to select from.

It should be noted that the only thing separating Ekaj's feet from the harsh conditions of the forest are his sandals. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to the elements. It was observed that they had definitely taken their toll on Ekaj's feet. They were all banged up with scars and scratches. His big toe was also heavily bandaged. This may have been the result of a bear trap.

Here are a few statements from eye-witnesses:

"I would have asked for his last name, but I was afraid of where it might be tattooed!" - Eyewitness D

"When he was chasing me, I actually feared for my life!" - Eyewitness M

"I thought I saw the Ekaj, but when I turned to look, there were only a few beheaded animal crackers lying on the ground." - Eyewitness W

"Ekaj only comes out of hibernation once a year around the end of August. I think he spends the rest of the year in a confused and drunken state of suspension." - Eyewitness S

"I was always a skeptic and did not believe in Ekaj. I thought he was a fictional character like the Easter Bunny or the Pope. Then, one day I saw him fondling a random Living Greyhawk module and was instantly converted into a reborn Ekajian." - Eyewitness K

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