Suburban Goths

So it's really in style to be "goth" nowadays. It's a great way for rich, white, suburban kids to rebel against their parents, or just to fit in with the other goth kids. The problem is, if a real goth person sees you trying to look goth but still acting like a fool, he may kick your ass. Rule #1 GOTH PEOPLE DO NOT SMILE. It's a simple rule. Goths are supposed to be dark and brooding. So just don't smile. Well, here is a small collection of some of the Suburban Goths.

Smiling Goth Girls
"Teehee we're goths! Isn't that cute?"

Mr. Smiley Goth
"My mommy washes all my goth clothes in Cheer with colorguard so they
don't fade to gray. Thanks, mom! You're the bestest! I love you!"

"Don't you think the pink hair bow really sets off my outfit?"

"Well, my t-shirt says I'm goth, so that means I am goth. Right?
Plus I bought my Mascara in the goth section at K-Mart."

Hot Topic Hottie
"Hot Topic had a sale and daddy let me use his credit card!"

SUV girl
"I'm so tortured, I drive a black SUV!"

Just keep on a'smilin'
Check out Gothzilla here:
"I put lipstick on my teeth so you can't tell I'm smiling!"

Goth Groupie
Can you tell the real goths from the wannabe goths?

"Can I please have another Happy Meal?"

This just about wraps things up nicely.

At this time, we would like to remind everyone of three things:

1) To attend DragonCon, you must wear your badge at pretty much all times.
2) The badge clearly indicates that as long as you are wearing it, you are subject to having your picture taken and used for basically any purpose.
3) If you wear a bad costume, we will track you down, find you, take your picture and then post it.


staff out...

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