B Drunk

We all know it's fun to get drunk. However, what happens when you've had too much to drink? Well, our ever-faithful Researcher B was up to the task of finding out. One great quote from B before all of the drinking ensued was, "Throwing up is not an option for me", more on that later. After a pint of RumpleMinz, things went to Hell. Some of the highlights include B running down the street screaming (it was still broad daylight) while my neighbors watched with amazement. I quickly tried to act sober enough to round him up and get him back into the house. Later, B finally decided that he did need to throw up after all. Well, he made it to the bathroom. He made it to the toilet even. But is that where he threw up? Of course not! My floor and B were covered in mess by the time I got there. I propped him up over the toilet at which time he decided to splash around in the water with his hands. We're off to the races again. I finally catch up with him as he's rolling around (still covered in puke) in the foyer. It's about this time he decides he needs a shower. I wash his clothes and realize about 30 minutes later that I haven't heard anything from him in a while. So, after a phone call to a friend with a cold heart, a camera and no mercy, the following footage was attained.

This is how we initially found him, unresponsive and covered in his own vomit.

Starting to wake up.

He looks a little too happy here.

We're not sure who's behind the shower curtain here. Ooi

The supermodel pose.

He eventually found his way outside. This is after he tried climbing the fence.

Ah, a moment of clarity.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the makers of Swiffer Wet and Lysol. The most amazing thing about the whole fiasco is that B didn't even have a hangover the next day. So what does that mean? Same time, same place, next week.

staff out...

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