The Stupid Bowl

What's the big deal with the Super Bore. Every year, it's the same thing. There's always a bunch of fat sweaty guys ramming their heads into each other, and that's just the fans. Then you have these overgrown steroids with legs out on the field wearing spandex and tossing a ball. Forgive me, but I just can't see the appeal.

The most enlightening thing that I have ever heard about the Stupid Bowl is that "people watch it for the commercials". Personally, I always change the channel during commercials, but the ones that air during the Stupor Bowl are pretty funny. Well, since we here at ekajsmash try to look out for the best interest of everyone, here is a link so that you can watch all the commercials that aired during the Stupid Bowl without actually having the roaring behemoths in tights ruin it for you.

Stupid Bowl Commercials

PS If you're looking for that perfect way to say "thanks" to John Madden for all the great commentary he did during the game, try a chocolate covered football. I hear he inhales them every chance he gets.

staff out...

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