Whitney. The Anti-Drug.

This is Whitney.

This is Whitney on drugs.

Any questions?

Bonus Survivor Update:

Well, four days without Midol and the fecal matter has officially hit the oscillating unit for Team Vagina! You can practically smell the yeast brewing as Joanna has finally started to show her true face as the "self-righteous bitch". This week the ladies lost their first challenge - the immunity one. Blanche (Janet) was voted off because Jeanne accused her of smuggling a granola bar onto the show. Then, in a really brainy move, the near-starved Team Vagina decided to BURN the damn thing! On a side note, the real Blanche, Ms. Rue McClanahan turned a happy 69 this past Friday and t.A.T.u.'s Julia turned 18 last Thursday. Anyway, back to Survivor; Christie has gone from "cute deaf chick" to "paranoid ho" as she thinks that all the team is out to get her just because she's deaf. Not much shaking on Team Penis. This week, look for either Christie, Daniel or Roger to get kicked off. Odds are even on Christie, 2-1 on Daniel and 3-1 on Roger. Anyone else would be a longshot.

staff out...

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