Thug 4 Life

This past Monday, George W. Bush addressed the United States and, in fact, the world as he gave Saddam 48 hours to vacate Iraq. The way he twisted the words around, he made it seem as if it is all Saddam's choice as to whether or not we'll have war. But the whole thing boils down to money. That's right, our rich President wants to get even richer off Middle Eastern oil. Bush is such a fat oil whore.

Politics aside, one part of Bush's address that I did not sleep through was the part where he called Saddam a thug and a criminal. Now, I thought Dubya was just bullshitting us on this one, but after a little research, I'll be damned if he wasn't right! Here are a few pics that we uncovered that prove Saddam actually is a thug. Pimptastic!

A perplexed Saddam ponders the thought of leaving his homeland.
Saddam Pimpin'

BLING! BLING! Waddup now beeyatch?
Bling! Bling!

Saddam's response to Bush's demands.
Oh yeah, this war is gonna be off the hizzle fo' shizzle!

Saddam chillin' wif his boyz.
Saddam and Sons

Saddam at the premiere of Deliver Us From Eva
Saddam gettin' his movie on

"There are no good wars, with the posssible exception of The American Revolution, WW2, and The Star Wars Trilogy." - Bart Simpson, Bart's War

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