I, Revolution

Today, we open our grammar books to explore the intricate beauty of the pronoun "I" vs the use of the word "me". Normally, I don't care that much if someone has the occasional mixup and says "John and me are going to the store." You read that and knew that it is supposed to be "John and I". I knew that and you knew that. We both knew that because if I were the only person going to the store, then I would say "I am going to the store." Simple enough, right?

Well, it seems that the rules of replacement just don't work for everyone. Now more than ever, people are trying to use proper English. However, the flaw lies in the fact that they are trying too hard. The word "I" is being thrown around at every opportunity. For example "Dave wanted to talk to John and I." Well, nice try there, numbnuts. I know your John is in the right place on this one, but the I is just stupid. You wouldn't say "Dave wanted to talk to I." Here's a quick and simple rule. If you can't think of what a sentence would sound like without the other person in it, just think of what a moron you sound like when you say the wrong thing.

The real problem here is that people are falling for this crap! Not only are people dumb enough to butcher the English language, but some people are even dumber because they are actually impressed by this crap! For example, I was flipping through the channels a few weeks ago and ended up watching The Real World (I know, I know). Anyway, one of the girls was talking and said, "That message was left for her and I." Wrong! Then when they were interviewing one of the guys right after this was said, he said, "She is so smart and she uses such good English." Dumbass.

staff out...

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