This past weekend, a member of the research staff was trying to track the wild Ekaj. His studies led him to the deepest and murkiest depths of the south. Just as he was hot on the trail of the fabled being, fate intervened and kept Ekaj's secret lair hidden. Our researcher had an unfortunate accident with a deer.

This forces us to ponder what was going on in the deer's mind just before the bumper of our researcher's automobile was forced to smite him. Based on the evidence found at the scene, our team of forensic experts have been able to recreate the following scenario:

- Said deer wanders around the side of the road and eventually on to it.
- Even though there is obviously no food on the asphalt for him to eat, he decides to meander there a bit just for fun.
- As he sees the headlights from the oncoming automobile, he freezes.
- He thinks to himself "Is that a car?...Or am I lucky and it's just two motorcycles?"

Hence the look of confusion on the deer's face just before his untimely meeting with the business end of a Ford. Another observation made about this accident was that there was no "deer x-ing" sign visible. You know the one. It is yellow, diamond-shaped and has a picture of a gleeful buck prancing about. How do these signs work anyway? Are deer supposed to walk along the side of the road until they see the sign and THEN cross the road? Do they have to jump like the one in the picture?

So, was it really just fate that the deer head-butted our researcher's automobile when he was finally close to the Ekaj? Could it be that Ekaj actually has some sort of control over wild creatures? It is hypothesized that the Ekaj may have an empathic, if not telepathic, link with them. This link is so strong that the Ekaj can send animals to their impending doom - such as the case with the kamikaze deer. If this is true, the powers of the Ekaj have been underestimated. This affinity with wild animals may explain the dress of the Ekaj, but it raises more questions than answers. Be afraid be very afraid. For it could be that the Ekaj controls man's best friend as well!

staff out...

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