Con-Stellation Report

Well, before Halloweek gets started, we thought we should report on a few of the happenings at this year's Con-Stellation in Huntsville, AL. In a single word: awesome! No con has been friendlier and more receptive to the ekajsmash staff. While we were on hand, we noted the following:

- Gypsies
- Tons of free D&D action
- Cool Vampire games
- Plenty of other tabletop games
- Sweet dealers' room
- Very nice art show and auction
- A Costume Contest
- A very cool LARP
- The best con suite yet! (can you say meatball sandwiches, casseroles, meat and cheese trays, croissants, m&m's, chex mix, cheesy poofs, etc etc etc?)
- Anime room with a HUGE TV

Of course several flyers and cards were distributed properly. Be sure to visit Pat McAdam's site. He's the guy that came up with the LARP, "No Time Like The Past". One of the best things about the con was that freakin' EVERYONE was awesome! Special props go to Agent S and Agent M - a husband and wife MIB team. They were very cool and actually flashy thingy'd the staff and tried to convince us that there was no such thing as Ekaj and what we saw was just swamp gas reflecting off Venus. However, once we got back to the website, we realized what had happened. We honestly didn't expect to make so many new friends in Huntsville. But, that's southern hospitality for you. If you missed out on this con, you'd better get your ass there next year. Or else...EKAJ SMASH!

PS At this con, we also found out about MidSouthCon in Memphis, TN. The date for this con is set at March 28-30, 2003. Lucky enough, this con date does not interfere with CoastCon. Ergo, members of the staff will attend both!

staff out...

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