Season's Beatings!

Merry Fistmas! Ah yes, tis' the season to beat the hell out of those who would stand in the way of you and your perfect gift. It seems that this time of year makes everyone seem their worst. Even the mildest mannered people become as evil as hungry, bloodthirsty Brass Knuckle Baptists on a Sunday afternoon. Why? Why all the fuss? Must we battle each other in a mindless sea of shopping every year? Why make "Wa-Mott" even richer? No matter how much we buy, someone is still there waiting in the wings to bitch about it. This year, analysts on Bloomberg and CNNFN were bitching and moaning about how even though sales were up from last year, they still weren't up AS MUCH as they had hoped for. Oh boohoo. Whoa as me, I'm not even more filthy stinking rich. Anyway, people buy And buy. And buy. ::sigh:: Sheesh, we concentrate so much on the gifts that we have forgotten what Christmas is all about. Come on, give that Irish dude who drove out all the snakes some proper respect!

staff out...

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