Well, last Sunday was Easter. For most of the churches across the ever-broadening Bible Belt, that meant standing room only. So after all the starched shirt clad behemoths got through with church and threw a few eggs at their children, they headed off en masse to local eateries. So, risking life and limb, the staff decided to dust off the camera and get proof of the existence of the Brass-knuckle Baptists! We were on a mission.

First, the staff went to the local Mexican Buffet. We went early - before church had let out and before the eggs had been hunted. At the end of the meal, the place was starting to get crowded, but nowhere near as much as usual. This is because they were still hurling Easter eggs at their children. We thought about staying around and waiting until they were lined up out the door, but there was bigger game to be had. We were on a mission.

Note the Sunday Buffet banner.

Then we thought maybe the Baptists had opted for Chinese today. Again, there was an abundance of ignorance, but still not the masses we had hoped for.

As we drove past Outback and Longhorn, it had become obvious that only red meat would satiate the blood lust instilled in the Baptists by the holiday. No fancy sauces or cheeses would do.

Ah...Cracker Barrel. This place is packed nonstop every day and every night.

We thought we'd try the local barbecue place. This photo was taken from the overflow parking lot. We were still on a mission.

So we headed to the Golden Corral. That is such an appropriate name for a herd of cattle to go graze.

Then, we found the Mecca of the Brass Knuckle Baptists! Ryan's! This is the only buffet in town with TWO overflow parking lots. The last picture is taken from the second overflow lot just to show how packed this place really was.

Here is a closeup of one of the ravenous Baptists.

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staff out...

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