In Memorium

The other day I was driving down the road and I noticed that the car in front of me had a rather large decal on the back which read "In Memory of #3 Dale Earnhardt April 29, 1951 - February 18, 2001." This was not the first time I have seen these type of decals. They are usually displayed proudly on the back of a rusted out Ford pickup truck though. So, when I see these stickers, all I really wonder is: why?

Why do they have the stickers on their car? What purpose do they serve? Is Dale Earnhardt burried in the back of their truck? Honestly! The only time you ever see words like that is when you're at the graveyard. Maybe, just maybe I'd let it slide if they were related to him, but I don't think he had that many relatives.

Do they put the sticker there to remind us that he's dead? We know he's dead, we just don't care. Other greater people have already died, but you don't see a car driving down the road that says "In Memory of George Washington 1732-1799." Why is that?

Where will the car be in five years from now? What do you think that sticker will do for the resale value? I can just picture it now.

Wife: "Honey, it's time we trade her in. Ol' spot keeps falling through the bed whenever we go out for a drive."

Husband: "But we just caint! Not wif Dayle's name onnit!"

Wife: "Oh honey, I know you're still grieving over Dale, but we really need a new truck."

Husband: (in tears) "Oh Lord in Hevvun, you dun took'd m'Dayle away frum me. Why ya' gonna take m'truk???"

Wife: "Be strong, Richard."

Husband: "Don't call me thayt! I toldya I dun changed m'name ta Daaaaaaayle!"

Wife: "Uh, right."

Husband: "We caint forgit 'im! Why do ya' think I got th' tattoo? He's tha Intimmadaayterrr!"

Frightening indeed.

And is that a copyright symbol on the date? Shit, I guess I'll have to pay a fee every time I write 2001.

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staff out...

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