In case you haven't noticed in the past month (and judging by the counter, you haven't), many recent updates have been delayed until late into the day. Well, like over 70% of Americans, we will blame Bill Gates!

About a month ago, we were flipping through the pages of our Necronomicon (strictly for research purposes, I assure you), and a strange disk fell out. Well, we figured that ever since the masquerade that is Marilyn Manson came into existence that evil, in fact, does come on a cd.

Against our better judgement, we put the disk into our computer. Alas, it was a Windows XP Pro installation disk! Our machine violently started sputtering and shaking as if its insides were on fire. Little did we know...

When all the smoke cleared, we were left with a froggy looking log-in. Everything, and we mean everything on the machine now looks like a cartoon. I feel like I'm trapped in anime hell! It runs about 2-3 times slower. Most all of the important files are now hidden. The applications aren't where they used to be. In fact, they're hard as hell to get to. The cd burner doesn't work. Online games no longer work properly. And everything else is bass ackwards!

Bottom line, if someone hands you an XP install disk, tell them to stick it up their ass past the AOL install disk.

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staff out...

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