As of June 20, director Ang Lee has officially unleashed a big, green, animatronic cartoon on America. The Incredible Hulk has got a new movie and frankly, I'd rather see the decrepit Lou Ferigno parading around in a pink tutu a la Hulk Hogan in Mr. Nanny than watch this junk. The previews show a totally CGI Hulk that looks like a big lump of green shit flying through the air. Ah, so graceful and delicate like the beautiful cartoon butterfly yet so powerful like the mighty Dragonball Z cartoon characters. Not since Who Framed Roger Rabbit have I seen a movie that has so much interaction between actors and cartoons. That's all he is, y'know...a glorified cartoon. So, $7 for a cartoon that totally blows goats? Screw that! I'm watching adult swim for free!

Hulk...hmm...they shoulda called it Hunk, as in Hunk of Shit.

staff out...

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