Costumes That Just Don't Work
Or as Ekaj would say "Costumes BAD!!!"

Oft times, people tend to think that they look...well something besides how they actually do look. Due to this problem that people are having with their perception, several "odd" results have been observed. The most noticeable and widespread problem encountered at Dragon*Con is people wearing absolutely the wrong costume.

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the costume at all. It could be perfectly fine. For the body type of the person wearing it, however, it could be completely wrong. For example, would anyone really want to see a 400 lb. man in a thong parading around as Cher? I don't think so.

Please observe the following pictures, as they will help you to both avoid these people and to not become one yourself.

Please remember: spandex is a privilege, not a right.

a Brahma bull in spandex

If you are A) Ugly B) Aging C) A Skank please do not wear the following costume:

random skank

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...Trailer Park Dawn!

Trailer Park Dawn!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...Militant Lesbian Dawn!

Militant Lesbian Dawn!

For God's sake, if you look like this, PLEASE don't expose those things!

two rhinos gently playing under a tarp

People who look like Sally Struthers are neither considered "Super" nor a "Girl"


Holy crap! I think this one just shat herself!


Hey, when you're finished with that sword, I have some leftovers that need to be wrapped up.

anime aluminum

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