d20 Based Random Chick Game
Have fun.

OK, here is your d20. Just click on the button to roll it. Your result and accompanying random chick will be displayed. It should be easy to tell if you fail or succeed. Just click on the button again to re-roll. If you're in a pinch and have a laptop handy, you can use this program to actually roll dice for you in any sanctioned or non-sanctioned D&D game - or any d20 based game for that matter! The number rolled will appear on a d20 with the corresponding hot chick below it. The higher you roll, the hotter the chick so be sure not to fumble. I assure you that the pic of the drunken Wonder Woman puking is not the end (as it may suggest) but rather the beginning, so roll on! ***Be sure to give the chicks a few seconds to load their pictures before beginning.***



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