Ekaj Costume Contest!
NOW through 11/04/02

Announcing the first ever Ekaj costume contest!

Well, it's the Halloween season and that means it's time to dress up, run around the neighborhood scaring little kids and eating mountains of animal crackers. So why not dress like an Ekaj?

Send in pictures of either yourself dressed as Ekaj, someone else that you think looks like Ekaj or just a picture of a bad DM in general. The best entries will be posted and the overall winner will receive a special prize from ekajsmash and Uber12yearold Inc! Of course, if you have a story to go along with your picture, you increase your odds of winning greatly.

The contest will run from now through Halloween. Have all entries e-mailed to ekajsmash@hotmail.com by Monday, November 4. Winners will be announced and pics will be posted on Friday, November 8. Overall odds of winning depend on the actual number of entries.

staff out...

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