Living Ekaj
How do create your very own Ekaj PC or NPC

Based on incoming information from varied sources, we have compiled various stats for creating your very own Ekaj in the world according to Living Greyhawk.

First off, it is obvious that the Ekaj should be a half-orc. His stats are:

STR 20
CON 14
DEX 12
WIS 10

Due to the low INT score, Ekaj only has the language of dyslexic common.
For feats, he obviously has power attack and cleave.
A few skill points spent in stumble should go a long way with Ekaj.
Although the Ekaj has the obvious INT of 6, his WIS is 10 because he does know "FIRE BAD!!!"

As far as role playing, it is fun to let Ekaj's vocabulary be restricted to NOUN + either GOOD or BAD. For example, "Fire BAD!!!" or "Ekaj Good!". Any thoughts that Ekaj can relay, he must do so with a lot of umph. Other than noun+good/bad, Ekaj can say "Ekaj smash!" which he is rather fond of. At opportune moments, he may also say "Are you stoopid?!?". Or, if he is ever lucky enough to disarm an opponent, he can as a free action say "remove an arm!". It is sometimes fun to let Ekaj have one completely genius and insightful statement to say per module. This statement often seemingly comes from nowhere and can not be repeated. If questioned about it, Ekaj will simply go back to the noun+good/bad form of communication. If Ekaj makes a spot check and the rest of the party does not, he may warn them by shouting "MINONS!". If asked what kind of minions, he will reply "DORK MINIONS!". If questioned further, he may take the opportunity to say "Are you stoopid?!?".

Enjoy your new PC or NPC as he can spice up any game!

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