Dwellings Vol I
From Creative Mountain Games

Recently I received a review copy of Lexus - Dwellings Vol I from Creative Mountain Games. Dwellings Vol I is another great html-based generation tool from Creative Mountain. As the title states, Dwellings Vol I lets you generate tons of details about dwellings. This is great because whether you're writing modules or just spicing them up with details, it can often take a lot of time to flesh out a house.

Dwellings is an html-based tool that is only 928k in size. When you open up the html file, you are greeted with several buttons, some instructions and a picture. Operation is simple and smooth. All you have to do is click on the buttons and text is instantly provided to the left. The buttons determine the size of the dwelling, type of construction, features and furniture, additional items in rooms and general quality. As soon as you click on a button, a detailed sentence is provided in the area to the left. So, by clicking on the buttons, you can make a dwelling as detailed as you want it to be and taylored to your specific designs. The best part about it is you can highlight the sentences and then copy and paste them into any notepad or word processing file! The sentences don't need any editing, you can drop them right into your adventure!

Here is a sample Large dwelling with wealthy construction, kitchen, bedroom, dining hall and library details, additional items in the kitchen, closet and cellar and of wealthy general quality:

Here stands a frozen villa with a stupendous common room, a orderly kitchen, a dark bedroom, a broad dining hall and includes a imposing library and a large closet in the master bedroom.

Assembled with green sandstone blocks (with light green marble, tiled floors) and extensive gilding.

- Kitchen features and furniture include a small fireplace used for an oven, an undersized table used for food preparation, large cabinets for storage and extra lighting supplied by large candles.

- Bedroom features and furniture include a decent bed, a dresser with a broken drawer, a cradle and illumination from hanging torchéres.

- The dining hall features and furniture are a major fireplace with a narrow dining table, many wooden chairs and added illumination from two candelabras.

- The library features and furniture include a score of shelves, a substantial number of books, not many stone stools, a light gray alabaster writing desk and reading light from a grand fireplace.

- - Items in the kitchen include pots, pans, plates, utensils, a sideboard, a dark gray sandstone figurine, a cloth pouch, a clod of dirt and a scrap of linen.

- - Items in this closet include a number of shelves, miscellaneous clothing (including a new dress), miscellaneous tools, a foot locker, a landscape painting, a pink alabaster figurine, a diary, a dead bouquet of flowers, a dead bunch of flowers and a pair of fur gloves.

- - Items in the cellar include miscellaneous clothing (including an old pair of hose), bed linens (including a finely-made quilt), a boot, a blood red alabaster statue, a small jar of ointment, a single nail, a love letter and a finely-made shawl.

(The quality of the home is a cut far above and the furnishings are exceptionally stunning.)

So you can see that the dwelling can be just as detailed as you want it to be. It took me under 30 seconds to get all that detail. Lexus - Dwellings Vol I is an excellent time-saver for any DM or writer. It runs very smoothly with absolutely no flaws. An entire village could be cranked out with this generation tool in minutes. Given the amount of time you will save, Dwellings will pay for itself time and time again.

Lexus - Dwellings Vol I costs $3.00 and is available at creativemountaingames.com.

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