Group Combat Feats
From Creative Mountain Games

I recently received a review copy of Lexus - Group Combat Feats from Creative Mountain Games. The pdf is only four pages long, but more will be added later. The layout is very simple and everything is very clear.

The first page and a half describes what it means to act as a group as well as who should think about group efforts, like an organized militia, the town guard, etc. The first page also had some black and white battle artwork at the bottom. The next page and a half is a list of new group feats. The final page is legal mumbo jumbo.

Everything is well written and the group feats are pretty good, like being able to act on the same initiative or form a shield wall. The only problem is the rarity of the use for the feats. Only fighter types or specific classes that say otherwise can take the feats. For everyone to get the benefits of the group feats, everyone has to have taken the feat. If the campaign heavily uses the military or other organized combat groups, then it would be good, but the pdf is not meant for everyday use. Fighter type PC's could take the feats, but they just wouldn't be as effective as they would be for a large group of fighters.

Overall, this is a solid, but very specific piece of work. However, if group tactics are the niche you've been looking for, then you've struck gold. So, Lexus - Group Combat Feats is exactly what it promises to be.

The only suggestions that I would make for Group Combat Feats is that more material be added to make some of the feats portable to everyday PC's. This would be a great incentive for a fighter to take a leadership role in a party.

Lexus - Group Combat Feats costs $0.60 and is available at

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