How to Trap an Ekaj
Be careful...

First off, we here at the Institute may not be held responsible for injuries incurred while trying to capture the legendary Ekaj. However, should you decide that you are brave enough to try and trap him, here are a few tips.

Ekaj has a long-standing love affair with animal crackers. They are his one weakness. He would walk as far as possible just to lick up a few crumbs. You should leave a trail for him to follow. You should start off by crushing a few up and spreading some crumbs around. Then leave a few animal cracker body parts around. First a leg, then a head followed by a torso. Slowly work your way up to whole animal crackers. The trail should lead to a large box or crate propped up by a twig. The twig should have a rope attached to it. You should stay at the other end of the rope, well out of sight of the Ekaj. Underneath the box or crate, you should have an entire plate of animal crackers with a large plastic mug with a lid on it next to the plate. Don't worry about Ekaj seeing the rope or the twig or even the box/crate. He will undoubtedly be blinded by his love for animal crackers, thus failing his spot check every time. When the Ekaj gets underneath the box/crate and begins to eat the animal crackers/drink from the large plastic cup, pull the rope, thus removing the twig, thus dropping the box/crate down around the Ekaj. It is speculated that he may fear the dark. From here he could either cower underneath the box in the dark, continue blindly eating animal crackers 100% oblivious to the fact that he's trapped or fly into a barbarian rage. We are not sure as Ekaj has never been successfully held captive.

This method is a little more risky and could cause great personal injury. It is a proven fact that Ekaj both hates and fears flash photography. If you can get a few other brave souls to join in the hunt, you can use a series of well placed flashes to drive the Ekaj into a safe holding area. We suggest titanium. However, things could easily go awry. The angrier Ekaj becomes, the more likely he is to go berserk and fly into a barbarian rage. This has been seen once. It was not a pretty sight. It is theorized, however that with more flashes, he could become scared and try to retreat.

Either way, good luck in your hunt!

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