Beat The Clock

Wow. The other day, I was flipping around channels on the TV until I landed on a channel I didn't even know that I had - PAX. What the hell is it? OK, the new channel is not the subject of today's update, the show on it, however, is. It was a game show called "Beat the Clock" and it has to be written by someone that is on some serious drugs.

First off, a woman with a marker tied to her butt had to draw a picture and play pictionary with her husband guessing what she was drawing. I'll never be able to figure out how he guessed india from a few squiggles that she drew with her ass.

Then a man had to wear plungers on both knees and a plunger on his head. He then had to put a ball on each plunger and then one between his knees. After acomplishing this feat, he then had to waddle over a line to his wife, who had to remove the balls with her knees.

staff out...

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