Give Drugs A Chance

We've all seen the ONDCP's new anti-drug commercials. You know the ones. They show a scenario with various outcomes. There's the one with the two kids at home hitting a bong. One ends up getting shot. There's the one with a car full of guys at a drivethrough and a little girl gets ran over. There's the one with two guys in a bathroom stall ( there something more sinister going on here?) and they end up getting busted by a cop. But then, there's the king of them all.

The best "anti-"drug commercial shows a guy sitting on a couch at a party. A drugged up chick then plops on the couch next to him. A few different things happen. But, long story short, the guy ends up making out with the chick. So...tell me again how this is supposed to be ANTI drugs? It really says "Hey guys, want to hook up with that fine girl that wouldn't have you otherwise? Give drugs a chance!" Or, it could be saying "Hey ladies, afraid you won't get a date to the prom? Do all the guys say you won't put out? Try drugs!"

Have a look at the ad in full by clicking the icon.

staff out...

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