The unthinkable has happened.

Dragon*Con has shunned us. If you haven't heard the story by now, ekajsmash has become the very first EVER site BANNED by Dragon*Con! Our link has been removed from their webpage "due to complaints". This is a very strange turn of events, indeed. First off, DragonCon has stated on their link page the following disclaimer: "Dragon*Con is not responsible for the content of these images or accompanying text, so you never know what you'll stumble across." If this is true, then what's the problem? The problem is not that anyone was actually offended, it's just that the man is trying to hide the truth from you. Ekaj is real and he is out there. Plump fairies are real and they are hungry. Apparently DragonCon is nowhere near as cool as it used to be. It has long departed from the days of standing up for freedom of self-expression AKA the 1st Amendment. Now, it has become glossed over into a virtual menage a trois of corporations, political correctness and the almighty dollar. Indeed, DragonCon is nothing more than a pawn in the conspiracy. Tell the simpletons what you think at pellaz@attbi.net.

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