Breaking the Kayfabe

Kayfabe is a pro wrestling term. It is all about illusion - making you think that the wrestlers really do hate each other and making you think that they are actually getting hurt. When someone breaks the kayfabe, they are breaking character, thus letting the audience in on something and showing their candid feelings. Well, the research staff here at good old ekajsmash has decided to do just that. Y'see, it really bothers us that DragonCon has decided to take down our link. Not so much because that it's disrespectful to us, but because it is very hypocritical of them to do so. They think we're too controversial. Well, the word "controversy" brings one name to mind for us: Ed Kramer. That's right, the founder of DragonCon. He was arrested a while back on child pr0n/molesting charges. DragonCon has since tried to hide this seedy part of their past, but the stigma will follow D*C for ages. Furthermore, D*C continues to link a page on their site which contains blatant links to gay pr0n! Gay freakin pr0n! I shit you not. All you have to do is go to the dragoncon links/pictures page and go to the SECOND link for this year's con. It is harmlessly labeled "Rex's pics". Click on it and here is what you get: "Teens and Twinks, Classic Male, Uniform Boys" and a link to "" with a special thanks to "". They must have confused DragonCon with DragQueenCon. How many people want their children to be looking at the D*C website for pictures and see that stuff? And they say that people were offended by ekajsmash...

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