The Conspiracy Deepens

When ekajsmash first opened, the staff decided it would be a good idea to put tracking software in place to see who has been visiting our site. We first did this just to see how many people we were helping to educate about Ekaj and/or the plump fairies. Then, we noticed a trend: several government agencies and multimedia conglomerates have been checking in. They obviously have a very specific anti-truth-about-Ekaj agenda. At any rate, we thought you might like to see some of them.

Washington DC - We have received many hits from this area. We suspect the President is aware of Ekaj but publicly will neither confirm nor deny his existence.

United States Army - They may have to be dispatched to bring the beast down one of these days.

US Navy - If the Army can't get the job done...

US Department of Agriculture - Their interest in the creature remains a mystery.

Harvard University - Obviously the legendary Ekaj will be included in their next full-scale scientific expedition.

Time Warner - Ekaj the movie?

Disney - Ekaj the cartoon?

NASA - Maybe they can figure out what makes the plump fairies fly.

Microsoft - Bill Gates must feel threatened.

Electronic Arts, Inc. - Ekaj the video game?

Waterways Experiment Station - Is Ekaj a threat to our drinking water?

Nike Incorporated - Are they interested in making an Ekaj sports sandal?

MIT - The finest minds in the US are still trying to determine the physics behind the flight/dance of the plump fairies. - Ekaj gets his own talk show? EKAJ SMASH STUPID CAMERA!

Schlumberger Business Group - We just liked the name.

staff out...

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