Costume Tips

Still confuesd about what you want to be for Halloween? Tired of being the same old boring vampire? Want to try something that will really scare anyone who sees you? Be an Ekaj! Today, we look at some of the methods available through the space aged technology of theatrical arts that will transform you into an Ekaj!

When we contacted Industrial Lights and Magic about creating an Ekaj costume, here are some of the supplies that they said you need:

- 1 pair of ratty knit shorts
- 1 pair of "flip-flop" style sandals
- 1 fake beard (dark red)
- 1 t-shirt or tank top (preferably reading "Got Game?")
- 1 box of animal crackers

Once you have collected the materials, put on the shorts and t-shirt, followed by the sandals. If you have a question as to whether or not your shorts are ratty enough, try running them through the dryer with a good sized handful of rocks or tying them to the back of your car and going for a drive. Apply the fake beard and carry around the animal crackers, smugly snapping their heads off and munching them.

When you are all done dressing up, go on out and have a good time! But, be sure to get a picture of yourself so you can enter the Ekaj Costume Contest.

Happy Halloween!

staff out...

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