After the dance of the gypsies, an elderly gentleman with long, unkempt, white hair and a large sea turtle underneath his shirt approached one of the girls with a camera in his hand and said "Hi there. Do you have a card? I love to photograph dance and this is the first time I have got to use this camera." He then continued blah blahing about taking pictures of her.

Cut the bullshit. Here's the translation for anyone who can't see past the old gentleman's clever facade:

"Hi there. I am a pervert. I just took several pictures of you, which I will develop later tonight when I go home alone to my mother's basement. I will then add them to my ever-growing collection of pictures of young girls who would never have me even if I DID have any money. Then, I will masturbate to them profusely while playing my full collection of pr0nographic Japanese Hentai DVD's in the background. Oh, and thanks for giving me your card. I will be calling you, but you may not recognize the heavy breathing. A hearty thanks to both the inventor of the camera and the inventor of Viagra."

staff out...

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