Dragon*Con 2003

Dragon*Con 2003 has came and went. It was, in a word, exxxcellent. More pictures are soon to come. There will be new sections about the Suburban Goths, Schoolgirls Gone Wild, Plump Fairies and of course what is the site without the feral man-beast known as Ekaj?!?

New pictures added to: Ekaj @ D*C 2003 and a brand new hot chicks game.

Lessons Learned at Dragon*Con 2003:
1. Lou Ferrigno is a whore for money.
2. Danger Woman rocks!
3. Moshing is both fun and healthy.
4. Warhammer gamers smell like feet.
5. The Hyatt has too many badge and traffic nazis.
6. Don't try to remove the marble from your ramune without the proper tools.
7. Don't sleep with the air conditioner on 63 degrees, no matter how hot it seems.
8. Rocky Horror Picture Show is best enjoyed with an audience of less than a thousand.
9. Ekaj has trap sense.
10.You can't park in Atlanta unless you're rich.

Raven with an ekajsmash flyer!

Lou Ferrigno

Leslie Culton aka Vanessa Harding

Danger Woman!

She had interpretive dance this year.

staff out...

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