This week, we will focus on another sector of society: preps. First off, let's look at the logic behind A$F. OK, it's clothes. True, they look pretty nice, but...they're clothes. What's so great about spending $59.50 of daddy's hard-earned money on faded blue jeans? Do you have any idea how many meals that same $59.50 could buy for Sally Struthers? And could someone please tell me what the hell is up with all of A$F's catalogues and model spreads? If I am having to pay around $50 for a fleece pullover, why do I have to look at some guy's ass?!? It seems as if every other ad in an A$F flyer has some guy with A$F boxers about halfway down his ass. Who is this supposed to appeal to? Well anyway, besides the obscene pricetag, the gay models and the retro 70's (pronounced "God-awful") style, there is always an alternative. Has anyone visited American Eagle lately? If you must be a prep, or even a semi-prep, or just a wannabe prep, this store is for you! They have clothes that looks exactly like A$F clothes at about half the price. Shit, wait a minute. I forgot, the whole point of dressing like a prep is to show off daddy's money.

staff out...

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