Hell If I Know

Well, it looks like some of the Brass Knuckle Baptists are in a slight disagreement about what it actually means to be a Christian. I guess too much alcohol at the First Baptist Bar n' Grill during Happy Hour will do that to you. Anyway, here's a recent study that was done. We have conducted some research of our own following.

The Devil

Is There a Devil? Find Out Who Says So

Look to your left. Look to your right. Chances are both people you see believe in the devil and hell.

We are a nation of believers. A Harris Poll surveyed 2,201 American adults about their religious beliefs and found out some fascinating information. Most Christians--not surprisingly--believe in God, the survival of the soul after death, miracles, heaven, the Virgin birth, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But more than half of all adults also believe in ghosts. About a third believe in astrology. And more than a quarter believe they were reincarnated from other people who walked on this Earth generations ago.

This is what your friends and neighbors believe in:

Where will you go after you die?

Here are some fun facts from The Harris Poll:


Here is our own straw poll of 100 ravenous Christians interviewed.

During a recent visit to a local eatery after church had let out all of the ravenous Brass-Knuckle Baptists and Mexican Buffet Methodists, our crew was on hand to interview a few of the carnivores about their beliefs. Here are the results:

What makes you a Christian?

Where will you go after church?

Are you a moron?

Do you actually know your ass from a hole in the ground?

staff out...

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