It seems like Hollywood has struck gold with all the recent comic book-to-movie scripts that have been pumped out of the industry powerhouse lately. They have finally realized that the underground fanboy sci-fi market is an untapped source of capital gain. Oh well, that's fine with most of us because we finally get to see all the movies that we thought would be cool when we were reading the comics.

That being said, let's take a look at Hollywood's latest attempt to reach into our pockets and find out if that really is a roll of quarters or if we're just happy to see another heavily funded comic book movie.

When I first found out that Ben Affleck was being cast as Daredevil, I thought of about 10 other actors that would've better fit the role. But, I decided I'd give the movie a chance. So, a few weeks ago when the movie first opened, a few members of the staff went to get the dirt. Wow. As I sat and watched this movie, all I could think was "this has to be the most confusing movie of all time." Honestly, I have installed car stereos that were less confusing! Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Kingpin supposed to be some fat white guy and not a built black guy? I do like how they approached DD's sense of sight. But, when the Kingpin was getting hit by water so that DD could see him, he was probably thinking "WTF? I thought you were supposed to be a fat white guy!"

The Kingpin isn't the only confusing part of the movie. Bullseye...well...sucks. He is not supposed to be that good. Even if he was supposed to be anything but crappy, what is up with that Colin Farrell's eyes? Why does he force his already crappy character to look even goofier? I want some of whatever he's on though. And Elektra? Yeah, she's hot, but she's supposed to kick a helluva lot more ass than that.

Overall, the movie was OK. I heard people saying "it's no Spiderman." But you have to remember, Spiderman wasn't really that great either. Oh well, maybe Ang Lee's The Hulk will be better. But I'm putting my money on X-men 2 because I have a free movie ticket!

staff out...

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