Round 2

It's time for Round 2 of the Battle of the Stars to get underway. Follow the link below to play.

Round 2 of the Battle of the Stars has begun!

Bonus Survivor 6 Wrapup:
Live from the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, Jenna Morasca, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, became the Sole Survivor and winner of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON. Congratulations, Jenna! We must note at this point that the staff's two favorite picks, Rob and Matthew, both made it to the final three, but Jenna edged them out in the end thus proving that anything can happen.

There was nothing eventful, new or shocking in the final episode. All the juror questions seemed canned and vanilla, just like they always are. That fag, Jeff Probst, hopped on a jet ski and, according to the camera work, rode it from the Amazon to New York City. Well, I suppose it's better than seeing him wisked away in a helicopter. At any rates, I'm surprised he didn't get the hell beat out of him on the NY subway. Oh well, there's always next year, America! (hint, hint)

staff out...

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