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Battle of the Stars! Round 2

Welcome to the most extensive page on the web devoted to the mythical being, Ekaj. Yes, like Bigfoot, Madonna and Nessie, this beast is simply known by one name. All research on this page was conducted by master field coordinators, Bob Patterson and Roger Gimlin. It should be noted that all photographs on this site were taken at DragonCon 2002.

"What is an Ekaj?" you may ask. Ah, our researchers have spent countless hours looking for the one true answer to that question. But to put it simply, Ekaj is the epitome of horrible DM's.

Be sure to read the history page to catch up on the origins of this entity.

How do you know if you've seen an Ekaj? Well, an Ekaj usually wears flip-flops and very loose clothing, made from very thin and inexpensive materials. They can often pose the age-old question "Got Game?" However, in an attempt to "blend in" with all of the costumed people at Dragon*Con this year, Ekaj was spotted in a costume. What was the costume? The aforementioned garb + an eye patch. If you know where to look, an Ekaj may be spotted at a table with his nose buried deep in a module. Still wondering what an Ekaj looks like? Visit the sightings page. Also, get a good look at Ekaj in the wild.

This year at Dragon*Con, we also sighted a new breed of fairy. It is very important that you follow the link so that you can read more information on these beings. A few pictures are also provided so you will know what you are up against. For an amazing discovery in the plump fairy community, check out The Dance of the Plump Fairies!!! It is something you don't want to miss.

Do you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like hot chicks? Well, today is your lucky day. Our staff has developed a d20 based mixture of the two. Just click on the sidebar to play.


Knights of the Dinner Table creator and gaming legend,
Jolly Blackburn proudly displays an ekajsmash flyer!














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